Running is my therapy


I’m not the best runner but I continue to run.   Running is the alone time that allows my brain to untangle the webs that have built up in my mind over the past day or two.

Despite the pain, because it heals my emotional pain.

Despite the self-doubt, because when I’m done – I’ve conquered myself.

Despite the chaos in my life, running allows me to find peace within myself.

When I’m feeling stressed, sad, happy or I just need to clear my head – I run.

The running path is a great listener and it’s free therapy.

My favorite little saying is:  Turn your headphones on and turn the world off.

These headphones are my absolute favorite, they are Bluetooth and sound cancelling.  Amazon has a few color options and they ship straight to you!  Check them out by clicking on them below!



Imagine me and you

This movie has been one of my favorite’s since it was released.  The story line is simple yet complicated, just like life.  Two girls get a glance of each other, at one of their weddings.  There is an immediate connection but only one issue, the one who was getting married is straight.  The movie goes on to show how they get closer and eventually fall in love despite Rachel still being married.

I have had multiple occasions where I meet someone that isn’t single, there was even one woman that was married at the time.  They would flirt, I’d flirt back and one thing led to another.  I would end up falling for the straight and unavailable girl, ending in my heart getting broken.  I’m not a “homewrecker” it’s just hard to explain when you have some sort of connection, no I’m not justifying it either.  I am well aware how wrong it is to be with someone who is already taken.  If you watch this movie (click the photo up top and it’ll open the link) you will see all sides of this story.  It’s a super cute – hopeless romantic type of romantic comedy.  Watch it and let me know what you think! ❤