The one that got away

I thought I knew what heart break was, what infatuation was, what lust was, most importantly I thought I knew what love was. Little did I know you would change all of that, you would change my beliefs, you would change my life. When someone attractive enters into your sight your pupils dilate 20%. When someone falls in love their brain fills with dopamine, just like narcotics. You were my drug, 5 years clean when I met you and I became addicted without even having a hit. We met in the most random way as complete strangers, yet it felt like we knew each other forever. I became addicted to your name coming across my phone, whether it was Snapchat, instagram, Facebook or text. Knowing you were thinking of me to message me, it was what I relied on. The first time I met you in person my heart was beating out of my chest, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you, I was crazy about you right off the bat. I had never had such chemistry with someone like this. You were my wildest dreams come true, I knew in that moment that you were it for me. No one would ever compete, no one would ever hold a candle to you. Meeting you was a door that needed opened in my life, my heart and my soul. Falling for you was out of my own control and I honestly don’t regret any of it. You gave me the best year of memories, you gave me a year of love I thought I had lost forever, you gave me an entire year of happiness along with heartache but the good out weighed the bad by far. I didn’t think love existed any longer, I lost all care in being a hopeless romantic, gift giving and birthdays. I took a chance because the chance of everything working out and us having a happily ever after was the one thing I held on to. I just wanted a forever with you, I dreamt of a forever with you. I could’ve kept dreaming, hoping and praying but it doesn’t matter if only one of us had this dream and aspiration. I thought we were on the same page for the longest time, we even talked about a future and life together. Yet at the end of it all, we still didn’t end up together. My heart was crushed, sick to my stomach, the nauseous feeling overcame my entire body. I had no desire to be alive, when the alcohol wasn’t enough to forget you, to forget my heartbreak I even thought about using again just to forget. I needed, I still need my brain to rest, my memories to fade, my heart to stop hurting. You’re the one that got away, my forever “what if.” I’ll never know what we could’ve been, what we should’ve been. I still dream about it and if that’s all I will ever get to have, I’ll hold onto and cherish because you’re the best thing that’s never been mine. I love you forever and always. I can’t help but think that there’s someone for everyone.. except me.



Another one of the books I enjoy by Rupi Kaur is “Milk and Honey.”There is an excerpt in it that states “I thank the universe for taking everything it has taken and giving to me everything it is giving.” To me – this is a huge statement, packed with a lot of meaning.  You have to find balance, count your blessings but don’t forget what you lost.  You can let go of people, places and things; all while still remembering them and cherishing the memories you shared.  The happiness you once felt, the love that was there.  Today it is a different love, a very hard love, you could even say a tough love.  You want them to be happy, they want you to be happy as well but they will be crucial of your actions, your words  and they will still hold you accountable.  Sometimes more now than ever before… When it comes to life, it’s got a funny way of showing you how unfair it is.  In the same breath, life has miracles working behind the scenes, everything will come full circle when it’s all supposed to happen; life will show you it’s hand and how it’s beneficial to you. Life will teach you BALANCE. Check out the book (link is embedded in the photo of the book) and share your favorite excerpt with me!