Just some thoughts I need to put down.

Pages turn, chapters end and those endings NEVER come out how you would’ve thought or expected. True colors can be the greatest or the worst experience in your life, people you thought you knew; you discover they’re somebody completely different. Time changes everyone, some for better and others for worse. Lessons get learned whether you’re ready to be taught or not.


Running is my therapy


I’m not the best runner but I continue to run.   Running is the alone time that allows my brain to untangle the webs that have built up in my mind over the past day or two.

Despite the pain, because it heals my emotional pain.

Despite the self-doubt, because when I’m done – I’ve conquered myself.

Despite the chaos in my life, running allows me to find peace within myself.

When I’m feeling stressed, sad, happy or I just need to clear my head – I run.

The running path is a great listener and it’s free therapy.

My favorite little saying is:  Turn your headphones on and turn the world off.

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I never thought I would be one of those “crazy coupon ladies” and I’m not but.. (there’s ALWAYS a but..)


This simple app that you can download to your phone or i-pad, allows your everyday shopping become a simple cash back opportunity!  Simply go shopping, snap a photo of the bar code on the item and your receipt when you get home then redeem and watch your account earn money.  It works at most stores, the app walks you through what store has what offers; EVEN AMAZON AND I-TUNES get cash back!  Restaurants, bars, etc.

I’m learning to embrace this online coupon lifestyle because it’s truly simple and takes 30 seconds to do.  In the past year I have maybe used it one shopping trip a month and I’ve racked up almost $300 that goes into my PayPal account.  (you can choose how to redeem whether it be a gift card to a participating partner, Venmo or paypal.)  The money is there in my account within 48 hours every time!

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